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Derek S
Roland Dyens

I was devastated to read of the the passing of Roland Dyens last week. No doubt this would have been much talked about at the BGW this weekend. A few of us were fortunate to meet Roland personally at the CGR a few years ago. I don't think I have met such a generous, gifted and genuine artist and feel deeply honoured to have been in his company. His concert at the Cathedral of the Isles was as inspiring as it was humorous and personal. The masterclass gave us an insight to the man when a very young guitar student forgot to bring her music and acutely embarrassed fled the stage. Roland coaxed her back to play, settled her and encouraged a fine performance. He probably would not be enamoured by the written accolades about him - he thoroughly deserves them - as a personality, musician, composer and teacher he will be missed.

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Derek S - Dyens

Lovely words Derek. Thanks for posting. Another loss to guitar world at iconic level.

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