NESCGS was formed in 2005. It is a group of like-minded classical guitar players who have come together to broaden the awareness, understanding and appreciation of the classical guitar in the North East of Scotland. We have three goals:

• To promote the enjoyment of and education in classical guitar music, by means of members’ evenings, performances, concerts, courses and workshops in Aberdeenshire.

• To provide concert opportunities for performers, giving priority to local Aberdeenshire performers.

• To broaden the enjoyment of the classical guitar for its members by working with other guitar societies.

The society, based in Aberdeenshire, holds bi-monthly meetings at Queens Cross Church, Aberdeen. The core activities of the society are Society Nights where members are encouraged to perform solo and ensemble pieces, as well as participate in a guitar orchestra. Invited performers and knowledgeable speakers will also feature at some meetings. NESCGS aims to attract members of all abilities from Aberdeenshire and across the North East. We encourage players of any ability, young and old, to come to our meetings where they will receive a warm welcome in an encouraging and non-competitive environment.

The Patron of the Society is Allan Neave. He is a Professor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He has been involved with the society at many levels from performing and introducing performers, to providing the means for the society to recognise and promote students to play at our events.