NESCGS 4th Performance Concert - 28th May 2016

NESCGS will be holding their 4th Performance concert on 28th May at Kemnay Church Centre 2-4pm.

There will be a mixture of groups featuring including the guitar orchestra, a quintet, solos and duets.

Their will be a short interval when refreshments will be available.

Donations Welcome


Matthew McAllister Workshop Saturday 14th May 2016

Matthew McAllister lead an all day workshop on Saturday 14th May from 9.00am till 5.00pm at Kemnay Church Hall.

There was a mixture of sessions throughout the day from technical work, masterclass and group ensemble. We focused on tunes that we are going to play in our performance concert that is to be held in 2 weeks. Matthew gave us some valuable instruction on how to improve on our performance.





Matthew McAllister performed at Kemnay Church Hall on 13th May 2016.

Matthew McAllister is widely regarded as one of the most exciting and talented Classical Guitarists in Europe. Matthew has been delighting audiences worldwide with his insightful performances and effortless presentation in a concert career spanning well over a decade.

NESCGS Competition at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The 2016 NESGCS competition was held at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland on 26th Feb.

The prize for the competition is an opportunity to perform for the North East Classical Guitar Society in Aberdeen.

The winner was Jacopo Lazzaretti and NESGCS members look forward to hearing him perform in May.

The compettion was judged by Graham Anthony Devine.

The North East Scotland Classical Guitar Society is pleased to be hosting a demonstration of top of-the-range classical guitars being given by DK Classical Guitars and local guitar virtuoso Ian Watt. DK Classical guitars offers the finest range of classical guitars in Scotland. They will bring their current range of guitars built by top makers from around the world to this event. After an overview of each guitar, Ian Watt will then give a demonstration on the guitar and contribute his views on it. All guitars will be available for purchase on the night.

NESCGS members performing at Phoenix Centre

NESCGS members will be performing at the Phoenix Community Centre at Newton Dee on 13th Feb. 5pm - 6pm.

The concert is shared with the City of Roses Chorus ( female barbershop singing group).

Free entry.

On 20th June NESCGS members performed at their 3rd Performance Concert at Kemnay Church Centre

The guitar orchestra opened the concert which was followed by a quartet and a mixture of solos and duets.

The first of the videos from the concert can be seen on youtube, more to follow shortly.


AGM and Concert by Juliane Bergemann

NESCGS held their AGM on 10th June at 7.00pm. This was followed by a short concert starting at 8.00pm by Juliane Bergemann a Masters student from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Photo submitted by Conall McKay


Alfonso Montes and Irina Kircher lead a classical guitar workshop on 9th May at Kemnay Church Hall. Alfonso lead us through a couple of ensemble pieces which were achievable within an hour of practice each. Several people were able to enjoy the benefit of performing solos and ensembles to Alfonso and Irina in their Master Classes. A technical session lead by Alfonso and Irina enabled us to improve our skills. It was well attended and enjoyed by all.



NESCGS 10th Spring Concert - Montes Kircher Duo

Alfonso Montes and Irina Kircher perfomed at Kemay Church Hall on the evening of 8th May 2015.

The German guitarist Irina Kircher and the Venezuelan guitarist-composer Alfonso Montes, made their debut as a duo in 1984. They are now considered to be one of the finest duos in the world, producing 25 recordings and performing more than a thousand concerts in as many as 37 countries in the Americas, Europe, and Scandinavia.

The international press has been unanimous in its recognition, respect and admiration for the Duo, invariably praising their virtuoso technique, the precision and complexity of their performance, the evenness of sound, and what is perhaps most important, the enormous emotional range, with which they touch their audiences.